Property Combinations

This page explains the criteria for combined property parcels to receive one tax bill.

Property owners sometimes desire to have adjoining properties combined in order to receive one tax bill.  The following requirements must be met in order for the Assessor’s Office to combine your properties:

  • The properties are in the same tax district.
  • The properties are in the same exact ownership.
  • Taxes are current.
  • Taxes are not being paid under an installment plan with Abbeville County.
  • Taxes are not escrowed for one or more of the properties.
  • If mortgaged, all properties are included on one mortgage.

If you meet the above requirements, application should be made to the Assessor’s Office. Approval or denial will be sent to the Taxpayer. Applications are available in the Assessor’s Office or you may print the form from the Online Forms section.