Abbeville County Public Works

 Lee Garrett, Public Works Director

1094 Gassoway Farm Road
Abbeville, SC 29620

Phone: (864) 446-8473
Fax: (864) 446-8473
Hours: 7:00AM – 3:00PM, Monday – Friday


The mission of the Abbeville County Department of Public Works is to provide for its citizens a clean and safe environment, to be efficient stewards of the public resources and to promote opportunity for economic prosperity.

The Public Works Department is comprised of three divisions that fall under the direction of the Public Works Director and staff. The three divisions of the department are:

Road Maintenance

Landfills (Solid Waste Disposal)

Convenience Center/Recycling

Each division provides an important service to the citizens of Abbeville County and contributes to the quality of life experienced by those who live in our county. As stated in our mission statement, our goal is to provide quality services to the public utilizing the most efficient and effective means and resources available. We believe that by working together, we become empowered and are able to meet the goals set for our department.


  1. Maintains roads under the County’s jurisdiction
  2. Manufactures and installs street name signs and traffic control signs
  3. Operates seven (7) convenience centers strategically located across Abbeville County.
  4. Operates a recycling collection center for processing of recyclable materials
  5. Operates a SubTitle D Landfill for municipal solid waste (household garbage) and commercial waste.
  6. Operates a Construction, Demolition, and Land Clearing Debris Landfill.

This Office Does Not

  1. Does not maintain roads located in cities and towns, or any roads maintained by SCDOT.
  2. Does not provide curbside garbage collection.
  3. Does not maintain stoplights or signalization.
  4. Does not have the authority to waive fees without County Council approval.

Road Maintenance


  1. Improve and maintain all roads under Abbeville County’s jurisdiction.
  2. Install and repair culverts and aprons for driveways on county maintained roads.
  3. Maintain gravel roads by scraping, providing proper drainage, and adding stone when necessary.
  4. Cut and remove trees from roadways and right-of-ways.
  5. Fabricate and install street and stop signs.
  6. Issue applications and conduct review for encroachment permits for construction on roads and right-of-ways.

This Office Does Not

  1. Provide maintenance on any state, municipal, or private road.
  2. Pick up litter or garbage on roadways.
  3. Pick up dead animals.
  4. Install or maintain traffic lights.
  5. Perform any work on private property.