Abbeville County Landfill & Convenience Centers

James Huffman – Recycling Coordinator

1094 Gassoway Farm Road
Abbeville, SC 29620

Phone: (864) 446-8473
Fax: (864) 446-8483

Landfill and Convenience Centers will be closed Monday 1/15/24.

Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday
7:30AM – 6:30PM

2:00PM – 6:30PM

Tuesday and Thursday

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Abbeville County Solid Waste Collection and Recycling is responsible for operating and maintaining the Abbeville County Convenience Centers strategically located throughout the county for the disposal and recycling of household garbage. The division also works with the Abbeville County Landfills where recycled waste streams are separated and processed for delivery to the recycling industry.

Convenience Centers may be used by all Abbeville County residents, including those living inside the limits of the City of Abbeville, the Town of Calhoun Falls, and the Town of Due West.


  • Accept household garbage and recyclables from citizens of Abbeville County.
  • Provide transportation services for waste collected at convenience centers to the Abbeville County Landfills for disposal and/or recycling for market preparation.
  • Operates the Used Motor Oil Collection Program for Abbeville County Citizens.
  • Provides educational services to the community through presentations to school and civic groups.
  • Promotes recycling through participation in America Recycles Day and Earth Day Birthday Programs.
  • Offers educational programs to small groups (10 to 12) at the Landfill.

This office does not…

  1. Offer residential or commercial garbage collection services or roadside pickup of yard debris.
  2. Provide recycling bins to citizens, but does provide “recycle bags” to citizens that allows citizens to deliver recyclables to the Convenience Centers. Just ask the attendant on duty at your center for a recycle bag and a list of items that can be placed in the bag for recycling.
  3. Pay anyone for recyclables delivered to the Convenience Centers or Landfill.
  4. Accept any commercial or tractor tires in excess of 30 (thirty) inches in height. Tires that we do not accept may be taken to the Landfill for disposal.
  5. Accept large loads on dump trucks or dump trailers. Residential load size is limited to pickup trucks and trailers no longer than 10 (ten) feet.

Abbeville County Convenience Center Locations

  1. Mt. Olive Convenience Center — (864) 366-0605

    135 Mt.Olive Church Ext.,Abbeville, SC 29620

  2. Huggins Convenience Center — (864) 379-8300

    178 Huggins Garment Rd., Donalds, SC 29638

  3. Gilgal Convenience Center — (864) 379-8128

    693 Gilgal Church Rd. Donalds, SC 29638

  4. Diamond Hill Convenience Center — (864) 446-2665

    1563 Hwy. 284, Abbeville, SC 29620

  5. Alewine Convenience Center — (864) 379-3018

    200 George Alewine Rd. Abbeville, SC 29620

  6. Calhoun Falls Convenience Center – (864) 391-3793

    5957 Old Calhoun Falls Rd. Calhoun Falls, SC 29628

  7. Sharon Convenience Center — (864) 446-0046

    396 Sherard Circle, Abbeville, SC  29620