Abbeville County Clerk of Court

Shandal Boggs, Clerk of Court

Mailing Address: PO Box 99, Abbeville, SC 29620
Physical Location: 102 Court Square, Room 103, Abbeville, 29620

Phone: (864) 366-5312, ext. 55
Fax: (864) 366-9188
Hours: 8:30AM – 5:00PM, Monday – Friday

Abbeville County Courthouse
Constructed in 1908

Photo credit: Andy Johnston

Abbeville County Court House

NOTICE – Abbeville County Implementation of State Disbursement Unit for Support Payments

Abbeville County will officially implement the South Carolina State Disbursement Unit (SDU) effective August 5, 2019.  After this date, support payments currently made by obligors to Abbeville County Clerk of Court, should be made payable to the South Carolina State Disbursement Unit and mailed to:     South Carolina State Disbursement Unit; PO Box 100302; Columbia, SC 29202-3302

Support payors can find additional information abouth the State Disbursement Unit and other payment options at  If you have questions about when or how to make payments to the State Disbursements Unit, please contact the State Disbursement Unit Customer Service Center at 800-768-5858.  Agents available M-F, 8:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., excluding State holidays.

If you appeared before a judge due to failure to pay your child support and were ordered to pay a specific amount (sometimes referred to as a purge payment) to be in compliance with the judge’s ruling, you may come to the payment window in the Clerk of Court’s office and pay cash or money order to pay the ordered amount.

Link to DSS website:

You must come in person to request specific information about Child Support, General Session’s charges, or a Common Pleas case. When researching any recordings from the RMC department you must come to the Abbeville County Administrative Complex at 903 West Greenwood Street, Suite 2400, Abbeville, South Carolina 29620.

Our office does not provide legal advice. If such advice is needed, you should contact an attorney.

For different department contacts see listing below:

Clerk of Court, Shandal Boggs

(864) 366-5312, ext. 2200

Deputy Clerk of Court/General Sessions, Crystal-Goodwin Gary

(864) 366-5312, ext. 2201

Common Pleas Clerk, TraTanus Agnew

(864) 366-5312, ext. 2202

Real Estate (ROD) Clerk, Donna Garrett

(864) 366-5312, ext. 2203

Deputy Clerk Family Court, Landy Murray-McCier

(864) 366-5312, ext. 2205

Family Court Clerk, Carolee Clark

(864) 366-5312, ext. 2204

General Information on the Clerk’s Office

As Clerk of Court for Abbeville County, I am responsible for all support functions necessary for the operation o the Circuit and Family Courts in Abbeville County, including collection of alimony, child support, fines and fees. I am also responsible for creating copies of legal instruments and the administration of jury selection. This office also records and maintains all real estate records pertaining to real property in Abbeville County.

In General Sessions Court, our office is responsible for accepting and maintaining all warrants, tickets, bonds, indictments, etc. All General Session dockets are prepared by the Eighth Circuit Solicitor’s Office. Visit the Eighth Circuit Solicitor’s Office website or call (864) 942-8800.

Common Pleas Court is responsible for accepting and maintaining all paperwork in civil cases. We also prepare rosters for the appropriate terms of Common Pleas Court. The rosters may be viewed online at

Visit this link to view the Abbeville County rosters:

Note: To search the rosters, you must accept the disclaimer then select a Court Agency, a Roster Type, and a Begin Date.

Family Court is responsible for maintaining the records of the Family Court in the manner designated by Court Administration. Within this record-keeping function are maintenance of the cases, submission of statistical reports and receipt and disbursement of alimony, child support and other payments to be made through the court.

The public portal and attorney access portal are now available for Abbeville County.

Public Portal Link is:

Attorney Access Link (Requires Attorney Information System ID and Password to Login):

The Real Estate Department is responsible for filing and maintaining all legal documents that pertain to real and personal property in Abbeville County. These documents consist of deeds, mortgages, contracts, leases, powers of attorney, plats of property, right-of-way easements and many other types of documents.