Abbeville County Veterans Affairs Office

903 West Greenwood Street

Suite 1600

Abbeville, South Carolina 29620

Phone: (864) 366-2608
Fax: (864) 366-2625
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The Abbeville County Veterans Affairs Office assists former members of the United States Armed forces and their families to obtain benefits for which they are entitled.

The office assists veterans with service-connected claims, educational benefits, home loans and burial benefits.

Putting Veterans First

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Is financial assistance available?

A. Possibly. It is dependent on the dates of veterans military service, when the disability began, and the amount of family income.

Q. Is medical assistance available?

A. Possibly. It is dependent on dates of military service, family income, or if the condition is service-connected by the Department of Veterans Affairs.

Q. Are there any VA Loans?

A. Only home loans.

Q. What are my benefits?

A. The Veterans Affairs Office will assist veterans in filing a claim to determine individual circumstances, including time in service, degree of disability, and annual income.

Common Terms

DD214: A military separation paper issued to veterans after 1949.

Dependents: Spouses, children, and certain parents of veterans.

Compensation: Monthly check for disability as a result of active military service.

Pension: Supplemental income due to financial need because of low income or recurring medical expenses.

Claim: Application for VA benefits.

Additional Information and Links:
VA Website
VA Benefits Line: 1-800-827-1000