Abbeville County Planning and Zoning Department          Andy Price, County Planner           
903 West Greenwood Street                                                   Phone: 864-366-2400 x 2226
Abbeville SC 29620                                                                   Fax:   864-366-2415
Hours: Mon.-Fri. 8:30AM-5PM 
Frequently Asked Questions:
Q. Can I move a camper or an RV onto my lot?
 A. A camper or a recreational vehicle is allowed on a lot located in a Forest Agricultural (FA) zoning district, provided certain conditions are met and a certificate of zoning compliance is issued by the Planning and Zoning Department. Campers or recreational vehicles are also permitted in the Mobile Home Park (MHP) district and in business and industrial zones in some cases, but are not allowed in the R-8 and GR residential districts. (Section 3.4.5 of the Abbeville County Zoning Ordinance)
Q. Can I put more than one home on my lot?
 A. Only one dwelling unit per lot is allowed in an FA or R-8 zoning district. For example, the FA district requires a lot of 2.0 acres per home. Other residential zones have provisions for multi-family lots as well. When you visit our Office, please bring in your plat so that we can determine your lot size and zoning classification.
Q. Can I live in my mobile home while I build a conventional home?
 A. You can live in a manufactured/mobile home while you oversee construction of your new home if the mobile home is already on the lot, but you cannot move a mobile home onto the site while you construct your new home. Also, any derelict homes or mobile homes in violation of building or zoning codes must be removed.
Q. Can I operate a junkyard or a salvage operation on my land, with outdoor storage of junk or salvage materials?
 A. Only within a Basic Industrial (BI) zoning district, and only as a Conditional Use of the County Zoning Ordinance (Sections 3.19 & 4.8.3).
Q.   Can I operate a business in my home or on my residential property?
 A. Yes. A home occupation is permitted in any residential district or residential structure provided that certain conditions are met, such as:
1. The business is conducted within the principal building;
2. The business is conducted by members of the family residing in the dwelling;
3. Does not display products visible from the street or road;
4. Other conditions, as listed in Section 3.7 of the County Zoning Ordinance.
Q.  Can I place one or more signs on my property?
 A. Yes, but you must usually get a sign permit, and it depends on what zone you’re located in and what type of sign you’re erecting. For example:
1. Some signs require no permit anywhere, such as public traffic or warning signs, public official notices, and small, non-illuminated “for sale” or “for rent” signs.
2. Other signs are not allowed in any zone, such as signs imitating warning signals, or signs that flash, move, or scroll. 
3. Some signs are only allowed in certain zones. Off-premise signs and billboards are not allowed in GR or R-8 Restricted Residential districts, for example.(Section 3.11)
Q. Can I operate a day care or child care facility in my home?
 A. Yes, child Care Homes, which care for one to six children, are allowed in all residential zones, as long as a permit is obtained and  minimum standards of the state and local licensing agencies are met. (Section 3.22)
Q. I’m moving a mobile home onto a lot that already has a mobile home on it that’s been abandoned. Can I use it for storage?
 A. No. The definition of “accessory uses or structures” does not include mobile homes. (Section
Q. I plan to live on-site in a camper while I build my house in a Forest Agricultural (FA) zone. Am I allowed to dump my sewerage when needed?
A. It is unlawful to construct or establish occupancy in any dwelling that is not connected to a water supply and/or sewerage facility that has been approved by SCDHEC and the Abbeville County Health Department.
(Section 6.1.24)
Q. What’s are the first steps when I get ready to move a mobile home onto my lot or build a conventional home on it?
A. There are usually four basic steps to follow when you are ready to establish a new home or do other significant work on your land: These steps include obtaining a Certificate of Zoning Compliance and a Building Permit.
1. Obtain a current “911” address from the “911” address coordinator, located at the "911" center in the first floor of the County Office Building; phone 864-366-2400, ext. 2233.
2. Obtain a Zoning Compliance Permit from the County Zoning Office in the County Office Building, located at 394 Hwy. 28 Bypass, phone 864-366-2400 x-245.  You will need the current tax map number to your lot or parcel, or the name of the property owner and may also need a copy of the plat for your property.  If you don't have a plat and one has been filed, it can be obtained at the Clerk of Court's Office in the Courthouse, phone 864-366-5312 x-203.
3. Take your Zoning Compliance Permit to DHEC (County Health Department Building, by the old County hospital, at  905 W. Greenwood Street). Sign up and pay for your soil percolation test. House site must be flagged and property lines marked before soil test can be completed.  Note: DHEC may require a property plat (or deed) before they will process this step; for more information, call them at 864-366-2131.
4. Go to Building and Codes (also at the County Office Building) and take Zoning Compliance Permit, your permit from DHEC, and your building plans, if any. For more information call 864-366-2400, x-224.
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