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Phone: 864-366-2400 x2224
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Hours:  Monday-Friday 8AM-4PM
Frequently Asked Questions
Q. Is my Contractor Licensed?
A. You can find out if the person you are contracting to do work is licensed by going to www.llr.state.sc.us. Click on license lookup, contractors, then residential builders.
Q. What do I need to get a Building Permit to Build a New House?
A. 1. A 911 address obtained from the addressing dept. 366-2400 x2233
2. A Zoning Compliance form approved by Building and Planning.
3. You must submit a set of plans to be reviewed by Building Inspector. (Allow 1-2 days for plan review)
4. Once plans are approved, permits will be issued to the Licensed Builder.
5. All contractors must be licensed with the State. (LLR). The contractor is responsible for obtaining the permits.
6. A list of Subs, including name, license number and Phone number.
We need the Foundation, Framing, Electrical, Plumbing, and HVAC subs.
Q. What do I need to bring a Mobile Home in AbbevilleCounty?
A. 1. A 911 address obtained from the addressing dept. 366-2400 x2233
2. Zoning Compliance Form approved by Building and Planning. The City zoning is located at the fire Department.
3. A purchase agreement, and title application if buying from a dealer. If buying from an individual, you will need the title and the back completed with the new owner information; along with the moving permit issued by the county the home was purchased in.
Q. Can I build my House Myself?
A. 1. You have the right as a homeowner to contract and/or build your house. However, all codes and regulations still apply to you. If you are contracting the house out to subs, ALL SUBS MUST BE LICENSED. A list of Subs, including name, license number adn phone number will be required.
2. You will have to sign a disclosure statement stating you understand this procedure. Also as a homeowner builder, you can not rent nor sale your house for 2 (two) years.
Q. Do I have to use Licensed Contractors?
A. You DO have to use licensed contractors in all work that is performed. It is illegal to use unlicensed contractors to perform. If you hire unlicensed contractors to perform work, you as well as the contractor are subject to a $500.00 fine.
Q. When do I need to call for inspections?
A. Please give us at least a 24 hour notice. We try to accommodate everyone. However, there are times if you wait, due to numerous jobs and inspections that we might not be able to accommodate. Please keep this in mind.
Q. How much are your Residential Building Permits?      
A. 1. We base our building permits on $25.00 issuance fee, $15.00 for the first $1000.00, and $5.00 for each $1000.00 thereof.
2. We calculate the total heated sq ft and base it at $57.00 to get an estimated price. Once we get the estimated price the above formula is used.
Example--------1200 sq ft heated house----we estimate it at $68,400.00
Permit Fee:       $377.00
Q. How much are your Commercial Building Permits?
Please contact the Building Permits Office @ 864-366-2400 ext. 64
Health Department phone number for Septic Tanks is 864-366-2131.

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